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As I read the news this morning my heart hurt, another part of my youth slipping away. Scott Weiland Dead at 48 the headline read, and while the final story has yet to be told. You have to assume that drugs are the reason for his passing away in his tour bus, not matter he was doing them that day or not.  Struggles with Heroin and Cocaine take a tole on anyone body, and at 48 his body could take no more… That’s only 7 years for me, and that in itself is a little scary to me.

I first saw Stone Temple Pilots on a steamy July Night in 1993 at the Riverport Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO. I wasn’t a fan, in fact I was an anti-fan, buying into the idea that they “stole” their sound from the Seattle scene. Alas, I was convinced to go, and if I didn’t enjoy the show, my buddy was going to pay me back for the ticket… They made a fan for life, and I saw them a few other times after that.

Like many other STP fans I was disappointed when Scott left the band the first time, and rejoiced when he got back together with them. He was a great musician, and he will be missed by many, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family. RIP Scott Weiland

RIP Scott Weiland Quote

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