The worlds largest pearl

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in A Featured Post, Fishing Stories

A fisherman from the Palawan Island, Philippines was out fishing ten years ago, when a storm started to brew. Trying to get back to shore, he found his anchor stuck, and dove to free it. While his anchor was stuck on a rock, he found the pearl in a giant clam nearby.  Only appreciating its beauty, he kept it as a “good luck charm” and displayed it in his home for ten years.

When a fire destroyed everything, except the precious gem, he took it to the local tourism service to find out if it had any value.

Aileen Cynthia Amurao said, “We were amazed when he brought it to us. We now need help from gemologists to fully certify it. We’re waiting for authentication from the Gemologist Institute and other international authorities.

But we believe Puerto Princesca is likely to earn another prestigious title and a record breaker for having the world’s biggest natural giant pearl from a giant clam.

We will keep this here in the Philippines and I hope it will bring more tourists to the city.”

The massive size of this pearl dwarfs the current record, Pearl of Lao Tzu, also known as the pearl of Allaha.  The 9 inch 14 pd pearl, is currently on exhibition at Ripley Believe It or Not! in New York, was also found off the coast of Palawan, Philippines in 1934. It is valued at $35M US. The new gem is estimated to worth in excess of $100 Million US.

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