Photospheres for Stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality 3DVR

Photospheres for Stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality 3DVR

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in A Featured Post, Photography, Photosphere

I was posed the question; “Are there stereoscopic Google Cardboard versions?” on one of my Facebook 360° Photosphere post

And the answer is with the Oculus System YES! I am not sure with the other versions of the software, but I have the Samsung Gear VR system, and it works well.

(This is my most popular Photosphere on Google Maps with over 50k views)

Feel free to download as many as you would like from the photospheres below, just give me some +1 while you’re there if you don’t mind.

With the demise of Google Maps Views, the majority if not all of the Photospheres are being posted to my profile.
If you enjoy using them for 3DVR, then please comment below.

Tom Strubinger Profile (116 Photospheres)
Rachel Thomson Profile (34 Photospheres)
Waterfront Properties | Jupiter (50 Photospheres)
Waterfront Properties | North Palm Beach (12 Photospheres)
Waterfront Properties | Delray Beach (6 Photospheres)



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