T7 Protoype VW BUS – Caravelle Concept

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in A Featured Post, cars, Tom's Blog

T7 Protoype VW BUS - Caravelle Concept  VW BUS T7 Protoype

 T7 Protoype VW BUS – Caravelle Concept

So I got super excited when I saw this, and then I saw the date of April 2014, and then after a little more research didn’t pull up any more images like this I was let down, but this Volkswagen Prototype is certainly cool, maybe a little too chopped, but definitely sweet. I know 2017 is supposed to bring a hybrid version of the classic bus back to market, we can only hope it will look half as cool as this does… Wish I knew who made this would totally give them the credit they deserve, I do not believe that it came from Volkswagen.


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