Worth Ave – The City of Palm Beach Florida

Worth Ave – The City of Palm Beach Florida

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Palm Beach Counties Worth Ave is the premier luxury shopping destination, it ranks right up there with Beverly Hills, Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and New York City. You can find a full list of stores on the association website, but we tried to capture the biggest names and the highlights of Worth Ave in pictures.

Worth Avenue Association President’s Letter


Tucked between the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, with parks and fine shops and living walls and hidden vias it’s easy to see that Worth Avenue is more than a shopping enclave; it’s an experience.

Our traditions date back 100 years; some of our buildings were designed by renowned society architect Addison Mizner. We can tell you stories about film stars and royalty and rock stars and renegades, but the real story of Worth Avenue begins with its character, its enduring emphasis on community. For years now, Worth Avenue has been giving back to organizations that make life better in South Florida. We clean up area beaches on”Turtle Tuesdays” and we have named the Els for Autism Foundation our charity of choice this year for its work with those on the autism spectrum. Our community service is a core value and gives this special Avenue its heart and sense of purpose.

Worth Avenue is defined by its long-term relationships, its friendly service and its relaxed state of mind. We are the hometown shopping street, with people who know their customers by name – the new hallmark of luxury. We know Worth Avenue is about more than shopping; it is an experience of community, one we have cultivated over generations.

Those are the qualities that have lasted more than 100 years and that continue to illuminate Worth Avenue. It’s why we all love to work here, and why people come back, again and again. Please allow me to welcome you to Worth Avenue on behalf of all its merchants – we are glad you are here, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Gregg S. Beletsky

President, Worth Avenue Association

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