Trombone Shorty at Delray Beach Garlic Festival

Trombone Shorty at Delray Beach Garlic Festival

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trombone shorty 2015 delray beach garlic festivalI discovered Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue on Spotify. I was listening to a radio station on there, and when their horns came on I had to hear more, it was love at first listen… I also watched Sonic Highways on HBO. It is an 8 episode mini-series documenting the Foo Fighters making their new album of the same name. Every episode they travel to a new city in the US, delve into the music history of the area, and record a song in a week.

With some influence from the city, and the musicians who perform there, many of the songs feature musicians from the area. The New Orleans episode talks a great deal about Trombone Shorty, where he got his name, and features him on the track “In the Clear” recorded in the world Famous “Preservation Hall”

So anyway…

When I saw the Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue were performing at the Delray Beach Garlic Festival, I was a little excited… Ok I was very excited. Pre-Sale Tickets were only $10!!! Even after the deadline ended as long as you got there by 6:00pm the ticket price was still only $10.

I quickly got on the phone with the babysitter, and scheduled date nite for the wife and I.

We arrived at about 5:45pm, and after finding $5 parking we got our $10 tickets.

The Stinkin’ Garlic Festival has everything you would expect; lots of food, tented vendors for unique items, a kids Section, and the Live Music. Most of the money was handled by purchasing tickets, $1 for 1 ticket, so after a purchasing a sheet of 20, with cold beer (6 tickets) in hand, we started looking at the vendors.

paper lamps for sale at the Garlic Festival in Delray Beach

they come in three shapes, ball, diamond, and marshmallow.

My wife an I immediately gravitated to a tent with these really cool paper puzzle lamps. Our daughter is turning 3, and we both quickly agreed, that this would make a unique and fun birthday gift for her.

sea turtles in blown glassI would estimate there were 20+ non-food vendors at the festival selling everything from Guatemalan type clothing, sunglasses, hats in all shapes and sizes, various art, and jewelry.

The kids area was larger than I expected, Ferris Wheel at Stinkin Garlic Festivalbut tickets were still $1 per ticket, and most rides took 3 tickets. We did actually play a game, trying to win a stuffed teenage mutant turtle stuffed animal for our boy, but although I had the lead at one point, I lost my stride when the my golf ball bounced off the track.

The Stinkin’ Food

2105 Stinking Garlic Festival Delrady BeachThe food vendors varied from Garlic Pizza, Garlic Chicken Curry Kabob, Garlic Chicken in a pita, and even a stand with Garlic Ice Cream. My wife and I discussed the idea, that Garlic Parmesan Fries would of been  a real hit, and even fantasied about having a food truck for a minute, but after 15+ years in the food industry I’m really not interested…

The Stinkin’ Music

Stinkin' Garlic Chicken in a PitaWhile we enjoyed our Pita, we listen to Trombone Shorty’s opening act the “Fabulous Fleetwoods”. A blues band, with roots in south rock, they sounded good. The guitar players could really jam! I enjoyed grooving to them, and was almost a little sad when they said good night, but I was there for the Horns!

Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue

I should of headed towards the stage as soon as the Fleetwoods left it, but we wandered around a bit, and grabbed another beer.  I was standing there taking a drink, and noticed a crowd had started to form already at center stage, so we headed over and grabbed a spot right. I wish I could of been more center for this show, and my wife wishes she didn’t have to stand in front of the stack the whole show, but in my opinion, the ringing in my ears the next day, was worth every minute of the fun jammin to the band.

I recorded most of the entire show on GoPro, so while it may not be great, it may be the only version of the whole concert to make it to the internet. I apologize in advance for the bouncing, what can I say, I was dancing…..

trobone shorty & orleans ave

The Band

Trombone Shorty is Troy Andrews, a native New Orleans boy, who grew up in the streets carrying a trombone blowing the one note he could make it blow. He began his career as a bandleader at the tender age of six, and toured internationally for the first time at age 12 before joining Lenny Kravitz’ horn section at the age of 19 for a 105-date world tour in 2005-2006.

His funk band blends traditional jazz, rock inspiration, and hip hop beats creating a hard edged music that really jams. I was more than impressed with the sounds coming from Pete Murano’s Gibson Guitar, and Bassist Michael Ballard was cracking me up all night long strutting around the stage. Joey Peebles, the drummer, wales like a madman. Trombone Shorty even got in on the drumming with a extra pair of sticks on one jam, playing the symbols. Dan Oestricher is the Baritone Sax player giving everything that smooth silky feeling, and they had another kat from Jacksonville, FL playing Sax as well.
Trombone Shorty & Pete Murano jammin
The whole band was too cool, they seemed like a genuine group of guys, who still can’t believe they get paid to do this for a living. Even on this little stage in Delray Beach Florida, they were so appreciative. I don’t think anyone left thinking it was a bad show, I was shocked at how much noise that little crowd was made….

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