Tagging a potential world record Black Marlin

Tagging a potential world record Black Marlin

Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in Fishing Quotes

World renowned fisherman, Guy Harvey and his crew, are trolling the open waters on a mission to tag black marlins. Guy and his crew successfully tagged a bunch of black marlin, when they received a radio call from another World Class fisherman, Neil Patrick, who has hooked onto a massive fish and had been fighting it for hours. Guy Harvey and his crew decided to sail over to catch a glimpse of the monster fish.

The fifteen foot long black marlin had jumped above the surface several times which is impressive for a 1200+lb fish. Instead of landing the marlin for the world record, Neil decided to have Guy Harvey jump in and hook another line to the fish. It was a big thing to give up a world record fish!

Guy faced a new challenge, as he now has to get face to face with the huge fish. Guy hits the water and at last 40 feet underwater he approaches the biggest black marlin he has ever seen. Working very carefully, Guy attaches another fishing line to the marlin, quickly then after, the crew rapidly helped reel in the large monster to the boat and successfully installed the research tracking device, allowing the research team to track the distance the graceful fish travels.

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