Torticollis Helment painted like spiderman

Torticollis Helment painted like spiderman

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Torticollis helment spiderman

My Nephew was born with a condition called Torticollis. This is how my sister explained it.

It either happened as he grew inside of me while pregnant or possibly during delivery. He was sunny side up during delivery and ended up coming out a little sideways..  The torticollis basically means that the muscles on one side of his neck are weaker than the other side. He is getting physical therapy to correct it and it’s not a huge deal. But because those muscles were weak and he held his head to one side much of the time a flat spot was created on the back of his head. So that is what the helmet will correct. The flat spot is not real bad but he has to wear this helmet for 10 to 12 weeks for 23 hours a day. It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds he doesn’t even know it’s on. But we can’t wait for it to be off so that we can feel and see if soft blonde hair again!!

They weren’t happy with the basic blue helmet he had, since Nash basically has it on constantly, so they had it painted for him by Unlimited Paint and Bodyyou can see pictures of the process on their facebook page here

I think it is super cool Shawn Williams

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