My First Redfish | Caught in Jupiter, FL

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Caught my First Redfish in Jupiter, FLIt was a blissful evening after work and my boyfriend suggested us to take a casual boat ride on the Loxahatchee River and just troll rubber lures just like we used to always love doing. With a six pack of our favorite beverage in the cooler we were off slow trolling a white rubber fish and just simply enjoying the moment of the tranquil vibe. With the breezy weather and the magical vibrant colors of sunset melting in the sky, I was in such a peaceful place, when the noise of the line alerted my attention to react. My line was taking off and something big was swimming away with it. Dropping my drink and taking the fishing pole out of the rod holder, I hooked this monster sea creature. Turning it around to swim my way, I was reeling in as fast as I could, then as the fish approached the boat; it spooked and tried to toss the hook out of its mouth. Taking my time with the fish as it approached our vessel; my boyfriend and I were throwing out names of what we thought it could be… “Snook, No it’s a Jack… wait a minute, what could it be…is that…It is a REDFISH, Get it in the BOAT!” The surprised looks on our faces were priceless and the joys of catching my first Redfish sunk in… I jumped for joy as we brought the slot size Redfish home and celebrated the lucky chances!

Fishing on the Loxahatchee River, Jupiter, FL #ontheline
sunset on the Loxahatchee River, Jupiter, FL stunning sunset
a girl and her dog silhouette sunsetCelebrating the catch with my Ava girl…

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