EESHADES – Ear and Eye Shades

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in A Featured Post, Nicole's Blog

eeshades Ear and Eye Shades
EEShades, Ear and Eye Shades, is a company that is quite passionate about educating people regarding the jeopardies of the sun and staying safe from melanoma. The innovative product call EEShades is to protect the eyes as well as protect the top of the ears, as that area is one of the most uncovered and visible areas of the body to the sun rays and most of the time are not shaded. As most of us enjoy the outdoors, overexposure to the sun could disrupt a fun outing.

EEShades were created with pure comfort and with distinctive attention to detail. Especially, the one of a kind ear shade design built in which is the most characteristic from any other sunglasses I have ever worn. I typically like the easy and convenient use for cell phones, ear buds or any other electronic device while wearing my EEShades, Muddy girl edition. EEShades was built for the active lifestyles with the sporty fit but also the cool designs make it fun. The design was created for the main reason to protect the harmful UV Rays.

“With EE Shades, we’ll make sure your favorite outdoor passion won’t put you at unnecessary risk.”

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