Prayers for Orlando

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in RIP

When I awoke on Sunday morning and turned on the television, I was sickened to hear that a gunman had opened fired on a packed nightclub in Orlando. At that time, there was 20 confirmed dead and and 32 injured. I grabbed a cup of coffee and some breakfast, and while the news continued to come in, I was sicked to learn, that the gunman was from this area. His job was based in my town, Jupiter FL, and he lived right up the road. This attack could of happened here! Instead he chose to go to Orlando a little further away, but yet a larger easier target.

All through the morning I continues to pick up pieces of information. With two small kids in the house, I never kept it on long, but my 7 year old read “50 dead, 53 wounded” onscreen. I cringed when he asked what happened, and I explained it as simply as possible. Quickly diverting his attention with another topic, yet afraid of the hateful world we are living in.

I will not acknowledge the gunman by typing his name, as surely that is what he wanted. His attack on the freedoms of Americans in the name of ISIS turn my stomach. I can only imagine much hate he was raised under to attack others based solely  on their lifestyle choice.

I do not pray much, but I pray for these victims. I pray for the families of these victims. I pray for Orlando.

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