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I was saddened this morning to hear B.B. King had passed, but at 89 1/2 I can only hope to live as full a life as he did. One of the greatest Guitarist of all time, his music, his blues, did as much to shape Rock n Roll as much as any. He inspired generations of guitarist, and will continue to do so I believe.



“I don’t think anybody steals anything; all of us borrow” – BB King Quote

In his tribute to BB, Eric Clapton doesn’t agree, and thinks the blues is dying. No offense “God”, but I think the blues will survive. As long as kids out there are learning to play guitar, the blues will survive. BB King’s inspiration, will never be lost, because so many great one’s were inspired by it, and future generations will be inspired by it.. The way he made “Lucille” sing, is every guitar players inspiration, that is what everyone who has ever picked up guitar was trying to accomplish. Some just do it much better than others…. Thanks for playing Lucille for us BB, someday I hope to see you perform again in that great gig in the sky.

Eric Clapton’s Good by to B.B. King

BB King a dear friend and inspiration to me….

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