Why should always try your kids drinks in a restaurant

Why should always try your kids drinks in a restaurant

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in A Featured Post, Tom's Blog

Well it happened again… A toddler was served Sangria in a “Texas Roadhouse” restaurant in Ashville North Carolina. This is the second time in recent years, where alcohol was served to young children. The other time was margarita instead of lemonade, the point being if the parent had just taken a sip when the glass came to the table, the entire episode could of been avoided.

My wife and I now make it a point to always try our children’s drinks, at establishments that serve alcohol. The two seconds it takes, is worth it for the well being of my children.

This family was out to celebrate a 25th birthday, and now it will be tarnished with the memory of their drunk 2 year old.


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