My First Post

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Tom's Blog

Hello there, and welcome to my blog.  I intend to talk about my life, and my kids. Not sure that I have anything worth while to say, but if nothing else maybe you will enjoy the picture of my kids.

I’m almost forty years old, and have lived in South Florida for 18 years. The first 21 years of my life were spent in rural Illinois, about two hours north of St. Louis in a little town called Quincy, IL.  My upbringing was normal for a mid-western kid, my parents got married early, and divorced when I was 11.  We moved several times during my childhood, mostly due to the divorce, but I had a great time in most of the houses we lived in.

I’m not a farm boy, at least by my standards, but I am a mid western at my core. I still hold the door for strangers, will help a stranded motorist if I don’t have my kids in the car, and love my St. Louis Cardinals. I got really lucky later in life moving to Jupiter, FL the Spring Training location.  The facility they play and practice in is called Roger Dean, and their is not a bad seat in the house.

About Thomas Strubinger

Husband, Father, Foodie, Cardinal Fan. I am just an average joe, trying to make my way in this world. Living the dream in Juno Beach, Florida, and raising my kids right. I believe the most important things in life are your health and happiness.