An American wins the 2014 Boston Marathon!

An American wins the 2014 Boston Marathon!

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The first time since 1983

Since 1983 the Boston Marathon has not been won by an American, in 2014 Meb Zkeflezighi changed all that. With names of the victims that lost their lives in last years tragedy scribbled onto his bib, Meb won the race in 2 hours, 8 minutes, 37 seconds.

Kenya has dominated the race for the last 20 years, with winners 19 times since 1991. However, the USA needed it this year, after the tragedy that happened last year, and fittingly a long time immigrant brought the victory home.

Leading the race from early on, the crowds cheered for him from Hopkinton to Boyslton Street, while Steven Tyler and Joe Perry’s tribute “Dream On” (featured below) played in his mind. “Boston Strong, Boston Strong, Meb Strong, Meb Strong.” he kept repeating to himself.

He pumped his fist at the sky, kissed the ground three times, and bowed as he started to weep after crossing the finish line. “It was not about me. It was about Boston Strong,” Keflezighi said later, “When the bomb exploded, every day since I’ve wanted to come back and win it.

As an athlete, you have dreams and today is where the dream and reality meet. I was just crying at the end,” he continued, “This is probably the most meaningful victory for an American, just because of what happened. It’s Patriots Day.”

An old man at 39, this win may come as a surprise to many, but dressed in American Red White and Blue, the fans were on his side.  The chanted “U-S-A”, and “you got this Meb”. After getting his citizenship in 1998 he ran for the United States in three Olympics, earning silver in 2004. He also won the New York Marathon in 2009, as the first American to do since ’82.

Meb moved to America at 12 from the African nation of Eritrea to escape a violent war that was happening there, while he spoke no English at the time,  his athletic skill and grades got him a full scholarship to UCLA.

2 hours, 8 minutes, 37 seconds

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